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A fresh, eco-friendly toothbrush delivered to your door every month...

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A fresh new concept in toothbrushing

Have a beautifully designed, eco-friendly bamboo handled toothbrush sent right to your door at the beginning of the month, every month.

One-year subscriptions start from just $25 including free shipping anywhere in New Zealand.





A toothbrush subscription delivery service






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How does Toothcrush work?


Select the number of adult's and children's brushes you need in your house, and whether you'd like to have fresh brushes shipped monthly or bi-monthly.

Sign up using your credit card to pay for your one-year subscription. Delivery is free anywhere in New Zealand.


You'll receive your Toothcrush delivery in the post each month (or each other month if you've chosen a bi-monthly subscription), at the start of the month.


After 12 months you're given the choice of whether to renew your Toothcrush subscription for another year.


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Better for your mouth...

Despite dentists having recommended soft-bristled toothbrushes for decades, most toothbrush companies continue to sell medium and hard bristled brushes, risking damage to their users' teeth and gums.

At Toothcrush we'll only provide soft bristles made of premium nylon (also the dentist-recommended standard).


...and better for the world.

Every year the world throws away literally billions of toothbrushes - endless pieces of plastic that go straight into landfill. And every year we create billions of new sticks of plastic to replace them.

Each Freshbrush is made from sustainably sourced bamboo, a biodegradable and renewable material grown in a Forest Stewardship Council certified sustainable bamboo plantation.






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Sorry! Toothcrush is only available in New Zealand and Australia at the moment.

"Not only is this a great toothbrush, it’s an environmentally conscious choice. I love the design and the vibrancy in the bristles – they bring a bit of fun to teeth hygiene, and because a beautiful new Toothcrush brush is delivered to your door every month, it's a great way for you and your family to become more engaged in looking after your oral health."


- Dr Sarah Cole, (BDS Otago), Alpers Dental, member of the New Zealand Dental Association





Toothcrush kid's






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Our kid's brushes are the same eco-friendly bamboo handle and dentist-recommended soft bristles - but at 17cm, they're a better fit for little hands.

We recommend Toothcrush Kid's for ages 4-10.





Made by New Zealand





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Annabel Hurman MSc (Hons), Founder & CEO

Annabel is a mother, biologist and New Zealander who grew tired of using a worn out toothbrush that she always forgot to replace, and found environmentally and aesthetically depressing. Working with leading innovation company Previously Unavailable, Annabel created Toothcrush to make a better toothbrush more convenient and affordable for everyone.


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NB - News stories may refer to 'Freshbrush' - the former name of Toothcrush

Made by New Zealand   |   Designed in Auckland  |  Manufactured responsibly in China