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Toothcrush deliveries are all sent in the middle of each month and should arrive around the third week of the month. If you ordered by midnight on the 14th of the month, yours will only take a few days to arrive. If you ordered after the 14th of the month, then yours will take until the next month to arrive.

All Toothcrush deliveries are made by Australia Post posties (not by couriers) and so check your letterboxes on the days that you're due deliveries.

Australia Post aims to deliver between 2 and 6 working days. In our experience, it can take a little longer - but if your delivery isn't with you by the 25th of the month, please get in touch.


Why are you called Toothcrush? That sounds kind of painful!

We mean 'crush' as in when you have a crush on someone. A love thing. It could have been Toothlove but that wouldn't rhyme with toothbrush now would it?

What if my partner and I both want Toothcrush? How will we tell our brushes apart?

Each Toothcrush delivery contains brushes of different coloured bristles, so you can always tell whose Toothcrush brush is whose.

Can I choose my colour?

No. Well at least, not yet. We may offer this in future, but for the time being we'll send you different coloured bristles each month.

Can I get a medium or hard bristle Freshbrush?

No. Your dentist will tell you that medium or hard bristles will damage your teeth and gums. And we can't help you do that.

Can I buy Toothcrush for somebody else?

Not right now, but a gifting option is coming soon.

Can I try out Toothcrush before signing up for a whole year?

Yes - you can sign up to try Freshbrush for three months for $20 and shipping. Just head back to the product page.


Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes - our packaging and postage material is all 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable cardboard. Each brush comes in a sanitary sleeve made from PLA, a 100% biodegradable plastic alternative made entirely from plant material. The PLA we used has been tested and certified compostable. You can read the certification here.

What happens if I change address during my annual subscription?

That's no problem - just enter your current address when you sign up, then if and when you move, come back to this page, hit the button below, and let us know your new address.


Every month? Is it really necessary to replace my toothbrush that often?

Due to normal bristle wear and tear, any toothbrush will become less effective as it's used. Toothcrush is all about both the performance of your toothbrush, and the enjoyment of using a fresh one each month. Even better, the environmental impact of 12 Toothcrush brushes is far less than that of 4 standard plastic toothbrushes. If you'd still rather not replace your toothbrush that often, you can subscribe bi-monthly to get a new brush every two months.

Are the bristles biodegradable?

No. We've chosen to use nylon bristles as they are proven to effectively clean teeth, and are approved by dentists. Biodegradable bristles such as bamboo fibre or animal hair are available, but have not proven as effective as nylon bristles.

Doesn't that mean it's not really environmentally friendly?

99% of the Toothcrush brush is made of biodegradable bamboo. You can dispose of your Toothcrush brush in two ways. Either throw it in your rubbish and know you're not contributing to the further production of plastic, or remove the bristles with a pair of pliers, discard them into your rubbish, and compost the bamboo handle.

Is a Toothcrush brush recyclable?

In a sense, yes - bamboo is biodegradable, and so you can recycle the Toothcrush handle through nature's own recycling program by putting it in your compost or burying it in the ground - just pull the bristles out with pliers and discard them first. But no, you can't put Toothcrush (or any other bamboo product) in your recycling bin. 

Does a bamboo toothbrush feel different?

Yes, it does feel a little different to the plastic you've been putting in your mouth your whole life. But it doesn't take much getting used to at all, and it's a much nicer thing to be staring at in the bathroom mirror.

Why are they made in China and not in Australia or New Zealand?

We work with a specialist toothbrush manufacturer in China who is close to a sustainable bamboo source, and who are set up to make toothbrushes in a cost-effective way. Unfortunately, making them in Australia or New Zealand would mean Toothcrush would have to be many times the price.

Is your manufacturer ethical?

Absolutely - our Chinese manufacturer's staff are all over 25 years old, and are paid 20% more than the industry average. Neither Toothcrush, nor any part of the production process involves or is tested on animals.

Can you do replaceable heads for electric toothbrushes?

Not yet - that's a little trickier. Although we may look into this in future.


Got another question? Send us a note using the contact button below... otherwise click here to head back to Toothcrush.